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How to Make Your Next Garden Party Badass

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You want to know how to make your next garden party badass?
Just add plants from Big Bad Flower and you're golden.
...is what I feel like saying, but I'm not that arrogant. 

Here's how to impress the heck out of your friends: 

Greet Your People in Style

Every girl knows, what you're wearing is just as important as what you're serving. And if you're a true plant geek, you'll be donning a dress such as this. You better own it, too. 

Garden party dress
BigBadProps go to >>>

Serve Fresh-From-the-Garden Drinks

Because no party is complete without a refreshing, down-the-hatch, kind of drink. Might I suggest something with strawberries (everyone loves strawberries), and might I suggest you give this recipe a try, from Foodie with Family: Boozy Strawberry Basil Lemonade.

Don't forget to taste test. A lot. Before everyone comes over. 
Strawberry Basil Infused Cocktail
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Have Seating for All. Seriously.

If I'm coming to your garden party, and you're serving garden-fresh drinks, trust me. You'll want to make sure I have a seat. If you don't have enough folding chairs, Shawna Coronado has a DIY idea so simple, you could easily craft the bench after you've taste-tested your drinks. 

Shawna Coronado DIY Garden Bench
Here's how to get it done >>>

Games. Garden Games.

Cause you KNOW Twister will be a good time after those garden drinks. For sure. For more outdoor game ideas, check this >>>
Backyard lawn twister
BigBadProps go to >>>

And You Have to Have Party Plants

Thus the title: Garden Party. And of course because this post is from Big Bad Flower. But honestly, because parties are just better with plants. 

Ya know how you might buy fresh flowers to dress up the table? Plants are no different. And in many instances, last longer than cut flowers! 

Let me give you a few party plant examples...

Pink_Zazzle™ Gomphrena
Pink Zazzle gomphrena is quite the attention-getter. Its straw-like, hot pink flowers will stop you in your tracks, while the fuzzy, gray-green foliage makes for the perfect backdrop. Added bonus: Its growth habit is slightly sporadic, creating the perfect, artful centerpiece to your tabletop. Learn more here >>>

If you fancy a tropical flair to your garden, or just big bad red flowers, Sun Parasol Garden Crimson mandevilla is for you. She'll arrive blooming and keep on blooming through the end of the season. Plus, she's compact. Perfect for container gardens, hanging baskets, or just plopped on your table.  

Sun Parasol Garden Crimson mandevilla

Sun Parasol Garden Crimson mandevilla is just one big bad variety of mandevilla we offer. See the whole collection here >>>

You know you can ALWAYS go with succulents. Either one big bad variety...

Vintage succulent container garden

Or several, tucked snuggly in your favorite container...

Vintage succulent container garden

We have several different varieties available. Read my last post on how you can't live without succulents, if you need more confirmation.

Right now you can purchase nine succulents for $30 (saving almost $15!) plus free shipping! Just use code: MustHaveSucculents. Start shopping here >>>

If you didn't already have a garden party in the works, there's no excuse now. I'll be awaiting my invitation!

Big Bad Katie

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